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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I know... I'm a bad cupcake blogger.  I haven't made any new cupcakes for you in a LONG time.  I'm sorry.  Maybe, a hot cupcake bath will help me feel motivated to bake again! Don't these bath bombs look delish?

You can get bath bombs like these from my friends at Feeling Smitten.

6 comments. Add yours here!:

AmericanTribal said...

Those are so cool! Where can I get those? By the way, I love your blog.

I do a Sexy Cupcake Saturday feature on my blog... feel free to stop by and check it out.

If you have any cupcakes you'd like me to feature please let me know... I will link my readers to your blog if I use on of your cupcakes.

Have a great night! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - those are awesome! I LOVE them!!

Java Cupcake said...

You can get bath bombs like these from Feeling Smitten

Éimí said...

I've been wondering where you've been....I love those bath bombs...I might just have to get me some!

Knit Purl Gurl said...

What great sticking stuffers these would make!

Jingle said...

Those look SOOO good! Too bad you can't eat them! HA!