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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Winner Is...

Using the Integer Generator, the number 77 was chosen. This means the 77th comment on the blog is the winner of this giveaway!!!

The Winner is...

Lanette aka soSensational!!!!

Winning Comment:



To Claim Your Prize:
Email me at
Please include:
Mailing Address

Your goodies will arrive to you by the end of the month!!!
Thank you!

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in this giveaway. It was a lot of fun!!! Collaborating with these three women has been such a privilege!

4 comments. Add yours here!:

roy/elisabeth dean said...

YAY! Congrats to the winnner! Great giveaway....
I'll keep entering, the odds have to be in my favor eventually!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! congrats to the winner! :)

cant wait till the next giveaway!

Superjaxster said...

Thanks for running this. It has been crate tweeting with all three of you on twitter. I love meeting ppl who actually tweet back :)

MoodyMommy said...

Stopping by from SITS

Come win the COOLEST movie software ever!!!