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Sunday, May 31, 2009

GANZ Cupcake Measuring Spoons

I saw these GANZ Cupcakes Measuring Spoons featured on Bakerella's blog and I KNEW I had to get them!!! So I searched and searched until I found one on eBay. The ONLY one I could find!! I'm so excited to get them!! They are sooooo cute!

*Photos courtesy of Bakerella!

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roy/elisabeth dean said...

THose are SO cute!
I made cupcakes today! Out of a boxed mix, but at least I attempted.
Not half bad, but I can't frost them to look decent! Finally just covered them in sprinkles to keep it from looking like piped poop!
I'll keep reading, looking for pointers!
Glad you got your measuring spoons~

Maggi said...

Those are adorable!

Michelle said...

OMG...those are too cute!

*typing quickly so I can go to Ebay too* Hey! It's worth a shot!

Thanks for giving us a little eye candy!

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute!

Happy SITs day... looks like some yummy entries here!

Life of a Stepmama said...

I love bakerella!

Katie said...

How cute are these??

Anonymous said...

OMG! Too freaking cute! I don't even bake and I want them too! :o)

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

How darling. To think such cute things are made like this ... too fun. Happy SITS day to you SITSa!

Lamonica Epps said...

They're really unique and cute.

Stopping by from SITS

Ms Dragonfly said...

well dang, now i have to have a set of my own! :D they are the cutest! isn't it more fun baking with them?

crunkyjens said...

Wow those are adorable measuring spoons! I don't know if I would want to use them they are so darn cute! :)

Tiaras said...

these are sooooo cute