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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spontaneous Giveaway

I hosted a spontaneous giveaway this afternoon for a $5 Starbucks gift card. I said the first person to most creatively and enthusiastically tweet how much they love @JavaCupcake would win!!!! I loved ALL the responses so much that I thought it'd be fun to share them with you!!

  1. Becky_at_the_paradise_cove_luau_normalGrandmaGriner: @JavaCupcake I got the tweet about the cupcakes & went & viewed your site :) ummmmmm makes me hungry for your cuppies :)
  2. weeklyvolcanoweeklyvolcano@JavaCupcake We 1 the Java Cupcake. We 2 the Java Cupcake. We 3 the Java Cupcake. ... We 8 the Java Cupcake.
  3. Carie AppersoncappersonDo you know who has the most amazingly yummy cupcake recipes and who is the sweetest person in the world! I DO!! and now you do @JavaCupcake
  4. KatherineSeviDesigns@Javacupcake I LOVE ME SOME JAVA CUPCAKE!!!!!!! You should too....shame on you if you don't :D
  5. Smart Local ShoppersLocalShoppers@JavaCupcake We love JavaCupcake just like we love sex! Can't live without the delicious taste. :)
  6. Jackythesweetpetunia@JavaCupcake I love you like a kid loves cupcakes! Like Pooh Bear loves honey! Like I love Starbucks!
  7. megan0705megan0705@JavaCupcake I love JavaCake and your twitter is not broken, I see tweets!
  8. threedifferentthreedifferent@JavaCupcake All cupcakes are NOT Created equal - check out @JavaCupcake - no whipped lard icing here folks - just the best -- love them!
  9. Juanita/VirginiaFrugaliciousMomI LOVE looking at @JavaCupcake avatar. Bring it back! yum yum cupcakes (mouth drooling)
  10. megan0705: @JavaCupcake Javacake is such a great place to find yummy, mouthwatering, succulent. put your mouth on cupcakes!!!!

  11. Newavatar_normalavocadocreation: I love @JavaCupcake SO much that I sent her a reusable grocery bag with cupcakes AND java on it!(how's that for sucking up/shameless promo?)
  12. Mamabug_normalMamabug: @JavaCupcake, I admire your creativity in coming up with so many different kinds of cupcakes! Can't wait to hear you reached 1,000 followers

The winner was @threedifferent :) Thanks everyone!!!

2 comments. Add yours here!:

I am Harriet said...

Sounds great!
Stopping by via SITS to wish you a great Thursday.

Smart Local Shoppers said...

That's fun! Isn't it?

Although we did not win, we still like Java Cupcake!

Great job!