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Saturday, March 28, 2009

JavaCupcake on the Web!

I'm so grateful for the connections I've made through my blog and via Twitter. And tonight...TWO of my connections have reviewed me on their websites!!

Jessie at Cake Spy has featured one of my reviews! I visited Retro Bakery in Las Vegas with my husband and met Kari, the owner... and then wrote a fabulous review about their wonderful cupcakes! Jessie featured that review on her website! Click HERE to see the original post. Thank you Jessie!!

Connie at Miscellaneous Finds 4 U - Product Finds has written a beautiful article about me and my cupcake adventures! Please, follow my friend Connie @princesstimetoy on Twitter and make sure to check out the article!! Thank you Connie!!!


1) Java Cupcake - Recipes & Beautiful Photography = Yummy Adventure

You can also find me on these websites:

1) java cupcake and her cupcake chucks!
2) Over the rainbow cupcakes by JavaCupcake


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2 comments. Add yours here!:

JuliaA said...

congrats on the features! your cupcakes look amazing, and deserve it. :)

tristaj said...

Okay, we just moved from California to Idaho and I miss my cupcake spot like you wouldn't believe! I've asked about cupcake places here and people keep sending me to the darn grocery store! Ugh! I want my cupcakes! Do you sell them? Do you ship them?